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Shipping・Return Policy

Order shipping to the USA Order shipping to the Australia Shipping
Shipping Fee Customs Clearance Fee and Import Duty Return and Exchange

■Countries and Regions

・Covered over 120 countries worldwide.
・Please refer to Japan Post website for more information.
 ※DHL is available for shipment to Australia only.
※There are some areas that are listed but unavailable to deliver, such as outlaying islands and remote places.
※It may not ship to some countries depending on products.
 ※We cannot ship orders to South Korea and Hawaii.


Small Packet (Registered)


■Order shipping to the USA

Thank you always for your patronage.
We have an important message for customers placing orders from the United States

Shipments from Japan to the United States utilize EMS (Express Mail Service).
To ensure a smooth delivering experience, please consider using Informed Delivery to keep posted:

•International Collaboration: Japan Post and USPS work together to safely deliver your products as a unified service.
•Speed: EMS is an international express service, making it faster than other general postal services.
•Tracking Function: EMS comes with a package tracking feature, allowing you to check the current status and location
of your parcel online.
•Safety: Given its nature as an express service, the risk of package loss or damage is reduced.
Notice request to customers: Once your package arrives in the United States, it will be under the management of USPS.

If you have any questions, please contact USPS customer service directly.
Doing so allows USPS to provide the necessary detailed information, ensuring clarity and smoother communication.

Please note that the communication will be in
English, so if needed, we recommend seeking assistance from someone proficient in English.

USPS Customer Service: 1-800-222-1811
Tracking number: Your tracking number will be provided through LOOOK
Japan Post: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/index_en.html
USPS: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input

■Order shipping to the Australia

From 1 July 2018, GST will apply to sales of low value imported goods (AUD $1000 or less).
For applicable order based on customs value, LOOOK will charge you 10 % of the GST-exclusive price of the goods sold (including costs such as shipping and insurance).
Please refer to the following website for more details.
※We will send you an confirmation email regarding the GST fee after checkout, so please check and reply to us.
※You do not have to pay GST directly to Customs.
※Credit card and PayPal are available for shipment to Australia.

【For credit card payments】
Once we received your reply regarding the GST confirmation email, we will cancel the payment at the time you placed the order and change to finalize payment amount which include GST.
【For PayPal payments】
Once we received your reply regarding GST confirmation email, we will issue a PayPal link for GST.
We will proceed with the order according at the time we confirmed the payment.


・Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange the items and prepare the shipment once all items are in stock.
・We cannot change the shipping address or cancel orders after the dispatch.
・Please refer to the following website for tracking.

EMS・Small Packet (Registered)


Estimated delivery date after dispatch
EMS:About 3-10 days
Small Packet (Registered):About 5-14 days
DHL:About 2-10 days

※There are possibilities of delay depending on customs conditions in each destination country/region. Please kindly note we cannot cancel orders due to the delay.
※The receiver’s signature is required for EMS and Small Packet (Registered).
※It takes few months for us to get the information about delivery after shipped out of Japan.
Please kindly contact the local post office or delivery company about the delivery.
※There is a possibility the Delivery Notice will not be posted when the recipient is not available at the time of delivery. To avoid this situation, please check the shipping notice mail and pay attention to the delivery status from time to time. Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability if parcel returns due to the above situation.
(ESPECIALLY to customers in the United States, we recommend you to set up email and text alerts “Informed Delivery” in the following website.
※We regret to inform you we are not responsible for parcels that are damaged during transit.
※There is no compensation for Small Packet (Registered) DHL in case of the lost.
※Please note that extra charges shall be borne by customer if there is any amendment(such as changes of delivery address) after dispatched.
 (There is a possibility that we will charge you afterwards.)
※Package cannot be delivered to the PO BOX by DHL.

■Shipping Fee

Shipping fee will be determined by regions and parcel weights. Please refer to shipping fee table below.


Small Packet (Registered)

■Customs Clearance Fee and Import Duty 【Important】

If your parcel stops at Customs or the tracking status is not updated for 3 days or more,
DHL will contact you requesting your prescription or other information.
It will take your precious time, instead, we are pleased to try to help you as promptly as possible.
Please kindly contact us either in Chinese or in English.
・Email: info@loook.jp
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In some countries/regions, there may be other costs such as customs clearance fees and import tax for which the customer is responsible.
※For further information, please contact Customs and check about Customs rules and paying process in your country beforehand.
※If you refuse to pay customs clearance fees and import tax, and the product is eventually returned to Japan, the original shipping fee is not refundable.
※Customs clearance fees and import tax might be even higher than the amount of products you have purchased.
※If the product amount is within the duty-free allowance for personal use, you won't be charged import tax. (However, the allowance can be very low.)
※We do not accept any request regarding the changes in description or value in the invoice.

■Return and Exchange

・We do not accept customer requests for order cancellation after dispatch.
・We do not accept customer requests for returns or exchanges.
  Please kindly contact us in case there is an initial defect in your order.
・There is a possibility the package will be opened at Customs.
 We are afraid we cannot give you any refund on any opened products or exchange the products.

※ If your parcel is returned to our shop due to any reasons such as “UNPAID CUSTOMS“, “UNCLAIMED“, “INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS“, etc. before received,
we can provide reshipment or cancellation as your request.
・In case of cancellation, the original shipping fee is NOT refundable.
The original shipping is NOT refundable even if your order is under free shipping campaigns.

【Credit card payment】
We cannot cancel the transaction of the credit card due to the system when 60 days have passed after the dispatch.
In this case, we will refund via PayPal.
Please kindly note the PayPal handing fee of refund will be borne by the customer.

・In case of reshipment, additional shipping cost is charged.

Available payment methods
* Not all services are available in all countries.
accepted payments

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