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Comment & get a chance to win

review campaign

■Campaign Highlights

Write a review on our product page, and you could be the lucky winner of colored contact lenses in a weekly draw!
Benefit: Each week, we’re giving one person a fantastic prize! The winner will receive the desired colored contact lenses with new order.

■Important Stuff to Know

- The prize will be sent with your new purchase.
-To take part in the campaign, make sure to add our WeChat official account in advance.
-Once you win, the chosen "product, power and color" cannot be changed.
- The prize will be the product for which the review was written.
-If there are multiple versions of the same product with varying lens quantities for daily contacts, the prize will be the fewer one due to the weight concerns.
(e.g., Neo Sight 1day Ciel UV with 30 pieces package and 5 pieces package, although you left the comment below with the 30 pieces, you will get the 5 pieces package one.)

■How to Participate

  • 01Participant
    Write a review for your purchased product (login required). After writing the review, send a screenshot to our LOOOK WeChat account.
  • 02LOOOK
    We will get back to you with the relevant details of this campaign
  • 03Participant
    Confirm with the campaign details.
  • 04LOOOK
    Conduct a draw among the participants during the campaign period and contact the winners with the "campaign code."
  • 05Winner
    Let us know your desired product with specific power and color.
  • 06Winner
    Use the campaign code when placing your new order in the comment (Comment/订购说明)section, and inform us of your order number.
  • 07LOOOK
    After checking the stock, desired item will be shipped together with your new order.

■How to write a review

①To get started, log in to LOOOK.

②Find the product you want to review, and click the star ratings below its name to scroll to the bottom of the product page.

③Start writing your review by clicking 【Write a review!】.

④Please provide your 【User name (nickname)、Review Title、Avg score、Review Content】.
* Make sure your review is between 50 and 500 characters.

⑤We love photo reviews! You can add up to three images, so feel free to attach them.
* Supported image formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG only.

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