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About Orders About Payment About Shipping

Please verify that your email address is correct.
If you are still not receiving emails from LOOOK, check your spam folder/ junk folder and review your filter settings.

There are emails that require your response.
Understand that we are not able to proceed without your reply. To speed up the process, please go check your email for notifications sent by LOOOK and reply to us.

Emails requiring a response might include:
In the case you did not mark [I Agree] to the terms and conditions over the ordering page, order will be pending and wait for your response.

Australia GST confirmation email
Europe confirmation email
Canada confirmation email
Mainland China confirmation email
Stock unavailability/Unselected/Full name/Address/Delivery change confirmation email etc.,

You can check the status of your order on your purchase history page.
It will show you where your order currently stands. In cases like stock shortage, shipment delay etc. We will share updates separately. If your order is on HOLD and there is no update from us, please contact us directly.

Unfortunately, promotion code cannot be added once an order has been placed.

If you need to make any changes to your account information after purchase, you can contact us directly.

Just simply contact us via WeChat for assistance!

You may see ‘Out of stock’ displayed next to the prescription strength. This indicates that the prescription strength and color of the corresponding contact lens are currently unavailable.
XX 1 day
Power: [-1.50] (2)、(3)out of stock
Color: (1) pink
   (2) brown
   (3) black

Please refer to the color number listed at the beginning of the color name.
If you have any questions, feel free to inquire via

We will process your refund immediately upon cancellation.
The funds should be returned within a few days or months, depending on your bank/card provider.

In this case, you have 2 options.
① Replace.
② Change the payment method to PayPal. You can proceed with the original order, and we will send you a PayPal payment link. You don’t need to PayPal account to use it.

Alipay cannot be used on LOOOK’s online shop.
We only accept WeChat Pay/ PayPal/ Credit Card.

WeChat Pay is not accepted in Australia due to the GST concerns.
You can use credit card or PayPal instead.

For PayPal payments, the actual funds you received will be slightly less than expected amount due to the handing fees included.

You can find the tracking number in the Shipping Notice we sent.
Use that number to enter each relevant Post Office tracking page.

【Singapore】Check your parcel locker/mailroom/letterbox or go directly to your building manager, neighbors to see if the courier left with them for safekeeping.
【Other Countries】Contact with the local post office directly.

We offer shipping method through EMS/Small Packet (service provided by local Post Office).
Australia has DHL option only.
The United States has EMS option only.
Small packet is restricted in some countries and regions.

Delivery times may vary by country and service provider. Due to the privacy concerns, LOOOK is not able to be having a direct communication with courier.
For any delivery issues, the recipient needs to contact the local relevant Post Office personally regarding the issues.

The arrival time of your package may vary based on the destination country or area.
For your reference:
EMS: Approximately 7 business days
Small Packet: Approximately 5 days to 14 business days
DHL (AUS only): Approximately 2 days to 10 business days

Available payment methods
* Not all services are available in all countries.
accepted payments

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