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【Item Feature】
Keep the eyeline all day long.
Smear proof liquid eyeliner!

■POINT01:With Extra-fine brush (0.5mm), you can draw eyeline beautifully.
Recommended for beginners. You can draw eyeline clearly on your outer corner.

■POINT02:Keep the perfect eyeliner for long time.
Smudge-proof even get wet or rub.
Prevent running due to water or sweat! Long-lasting even you sweat while exercise.

■ POINT03: Contains gentle moisturizing ingredients for eyes.
Moisturizes the dry eyelids.
Contains ※Capixyl which provide eyelasheswithfirmness and elasticity.
※Acetyl tetrapeptide-3, Red clover flower extract, BG, Dextran

■POINT04:6 additives free for your skin!
To consider the damage of your skin and eyelid, this eyeliner does not contains the following additives.
(Synthetic colorant, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic antioxidant, Mineral oil, Alcohol, and UV absorber)
You can easily remove the eyeliner with warm water! No scratching your eyes and Time saving!

■Black: Suitable for black or dark hair! Tighten up around eyes.
■Brown: Suitable for light hair! Look effortless.



【How to Use】
1) Shake the eyeliner a few times lightly with the cap closed.
2) Close your eye and draw eyeline between eyelashes from the inner to outer corner of your eye.
3) Open your eye and add extra eyeline along the curve of your eyelid.
※When you use the eyeliner at first or the liquid does not come out, shake the eyeliner a few times lightly with the cap closed and put it downward for a while.
Then, make the brush fit on your back of the hand or tissue.
※Wipe off the tip of the brush and close the cap tightly after use.

【Precautions for use】
■Do not use for any other purpose.
■Please confirm that there are no abnormalities on your skin. Should this item disagree with your skin, that is, in the following cases, discontinue use.
1)Redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, white spots (vitiligo, etc.) or darkening of the skin or any other reaction occurs during use.
2)Reactions such as those mentioned above appear on skin exposed to direct sunlight after cosmetics have been used.
As continued use of the item could aggravate the symptoms, do consult with a dermatologist.
■Do not use on wounds, areas of swelling, rash, or similar skin issues.
■Be careful not to put it in eyes. Wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it is getting in eyes.
■Close the cap tightly after use.
■Be careful not to drop or give a strong impact on the product. It may be broken or leaked out.
■The ink may not come off when it gets on clothes etc.
■Keep out of reach of infants.
■Do not store near the fire, in places with extremely high or low temperatures, with extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight.
■Please use up the product as soon as possible after opening.

【Distrubuter】G-MOVE Co., Ltd.
【Manufacturer】Picomonte Japan Co., Ltd.
【Category】 Cosmetics (Made in Taiwan)

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