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    [Body towel] mi curro <!--ミクーロ □Body towel□-->

    [Body towel] mi curro

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    Specifications of the quick-dry fibers made in Japan.
    Incredibly light even absorbed by water.
    Enjoy the luxurious bubble baths experience.

    “mi curro” means my job in Spanish.
    It also means a nice person.
    We would be grateful if this towel is a part of your active daily life with your work and hobbies.

    3 kinds of cloth
    Structure of 5 layers

    Image of the inside of 5 layers

    1. Outside cloth/ Nylon 77%, Polyester 23%
    2. Inside fabric/ Polyethylene
    3. Inside cloth/ Polyester( 60% of recycled polyester fiber included)
    4. Inside fabric/ Polyethylene
    5. Outside cloth/ Nylon 77%, Polyester 23%

    Stretching inside fabric from Osaka
    Exquisite stretching fabric designed by professionals.

    Outside cloth and manufacturing from Wakayama
    Fluffy nylon fiber made by a knitting machine

    Package Size
    Approx. W200×H290×D75mm

    Zipper attached here.Thick package with zipper.

    ■ Product size: Approx. W130XH1100 (including ribbon 100mm) XD7mm
    ■ Package size: Approx. W200XH290XD75mm
    ■ Quantity: 1
    ■ Weight: Approximately 95g
    ■ Total weight: Approximately 580g
    ■ Material
    Outer fabric / 77% nylon, 23% polyester,
    Inner net / polyethylene,
    Filling fabric / polyester (including about 60% recycled polyester fiber)
    Ribbon / polyester
    ■ Publisher: ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.
    ■ Manufacturer: ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.

    ■ Category: Miscellaneous goods
    ■ Country of origin: Japan

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