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    [makeup puff] Hikari puff <!--光触媒パフ □makeup puff□-->

    [makeup puff] Hikari puff

    Item #: zzishrsthkrp01ls0000
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    Ultra clean NBR sponge puff. Prevents bacterial growth with a photocatalytic effect!
    Use these clean puffs and you will get a charming makeup.

    ■ Puff size:
    Egg shape: Approximately t18 x W54 x H67 mm
    Square: Approximately t8 x W46 x H52 mm
    Rectangle L: Approximately t8 x W42 x H57mm

    ■ Package size:
    Egg shape: W90 x H145 x D18 mm
    Square: W90 x H145 x D16 mm
    Rectangle L: W90 x H145 x D16 mm

    ■ Type: Egg-shaped (HS-3801), Square (HS-3804), Rectangle L (HS-3815)
    ■ Weight: Egg shape (10g), square shape (8g), rectangle (8g)
    ■ Quantity: Egg shape (1 piece), square shape (2 pieces), rectangle (2 pieces)
    ■ Material: NBR (synthetic rubber), titanium oxide combination
    ■ Publisher: Ishihara Shoten Co., Ltd.
    ■ Manufacturer: Ishihara Shoten Co., Ltd.
    ■ Category: Miscellaneous goods
    ■ Country of origin: Japan

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