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[cleansing puff] Make up Remover CLEANSING PUFF <!--メイクアップリムーバー クレンジングパフ □cleansing puff□-->

[cleansing puff] Make up Remover CLEANSING PUFF

Item #: zzishrstmucp01ls0000
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You can remove makeup just using this puff with water.
No longer need chemical remover nor cleansing soap, etc.
Easy and quick makeup remover!
You can clean your face and neck with the wet puff as well! Also recommended for men. Reusable up to about 200 washes.

■ Puff size approx. T10xφ100mm
■ Package size W135 × H160 × D12mm
■ Weight 20g
■ 1 piece

■ Material Fabric
Ribbon / Polyester
Zip case / PE + EVA, slider / PVC
Fragrance sticker / PC + PE, sticker mount / paper

■ Publisher: Ishihara Shoten Co., Ltd.
■ Manufacturer: Ishihara Shoten Co., Ltd.

■ Category: Miscellaneous goods
■ Country of origin: Japan

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