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[Foaming net] Quality cream(Organdy net)<!--クオリティークリーム(オーガンジーネット) □Foaming net□-->

[Foaming net] Quality cream(Organdy net)

Item #: zzishrstqcon01ls0000
Stock: 1000000 in stock

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By using this product, you can easily make foam like whipped cream from soap.
You can wash your face with soft foam created by this net!
Good for your skin health.

■ Package size W65 × H160 × D30mm
■ Weight 18g

■ Materials: Net (outside) / polyester, net (inside) / nylon, string / acrylic, beads / acrylic resin
■ Publisher: ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.
■ Manufacturer: ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.

■ Category: Miscellaneous goods
■ Country of origin: China * Net (outside), string / Japan

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