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content: 10 pieces per box
wear period: 1 day disposable
DIA:14.0mm、14.2mm(First make)
Category: highly advanced controlled medical devices (made in Taiwan)

color:Base make、Natural make、Rich make、Grace make、First make
Colored portion DIA: Base make 12.8mm 、Natural make 13.0mm、Rich make 13.2mm、Grace make 13.2mm、First make 13.3mm
sales source: SEED Co.,Ltd. 
manufacturing vendor: SEED Co.,Ltd. 
medical equipment approval number: 23000BZX00077000 

* Please purchase from the eye clinic at the inspection.

< Contact lens purchase on compliance matters >
-Contact lenses is a highly advanced controlled medical devices. How to deal with, please use it properly.
-Inspection equipment for guidance, etc. must be received at eye clinic.
-Ophthalmology clinic receive prescription, or near the ophthalmology clinic, please accept your regular check-ups.
-If you feel abnormal eye lens stop using immediately to the nearest of your medical healthcare ophthalmology clinic, please.
-In our no medical responsibility for the trouble of a medical eye associated with contact lens use.
-To review compliance issues and and have a safe, comfortable contact lens life!
Ads responsibility Cosmoplan Co., Ltd.
Sales source SEED Co.,Ltd.
Manufactured and distributed SEED Co.,Ltd.
Category Made in Taiwan
Highly advanced controlled medical devices
* We are practicing compliance system based on the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs law. (Sales and leasing permits and highly advanced controlled medical devices get the qualification "Manager", medical equipment sales construction equipment standards passed inspection)

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