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The following colors are no longer available.

1box 10lenses
Wearing period
Daily Disposal
±0.00 to -10.00
Coloring DIA(varies depending on color)
11.9mm 12.8mm 13.0mm 13.2mm 13.4mm 13.6mm
Water Content
UV protection

■ Package : 1box 10lenses
■ Wearing period : Daily Disposal
■ BC : 8.6mm
■ Power : ±0.00 -0.50~-6.00(0.25Dstep), -6.00~-10.00(0.50Dstep)
■ Color : Dazzle Beige、Dazzle Gray、Coral Brown、Mirror Gray、Dark Peony、Dollish Brown、Dollish Gray、Bubble Blue
■ DIA : 14.2mm
■ Coloring DIA :
 11.9mm(Coral Brown)
 12.8mm(Dazzle Beige、Dazzle Gray)
 13.0mm(Mirror Gray)
 13.2mm(Dollish Brown、Dollish Gray)
 13.4mm(Bubble Blue)
 13.6mm(Dark Peony)
■ Water Content : 55.0%
■ Effect : UVcut(UV-A 50% or more, UV-B 95% or more cut)
■ Sales source : PIA Co.,Ltd.
■ Manufacturing vendor : PIA Co.,Ltd.
■ Medical equipment approval number : 22900BZX00118000
■ Category : Highly advanced controlled medical devices (made in Korea)

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Reviewer: kinkinkin
★★★★★ 浅尝一下还不错诶
Post date : 6/12/2023 Wednesday
刚拿到还没试色,但看样子确实不错。三个新色都各有特色!感觉Dollish brown那款肯能会比较挑人。另外两个灰色和蓝色应该是谁都能hold住的颜色!

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Reviewer: glowing_eyes
★★★★☆ gray your eyeballs in ring-shaped
Post date : 19/11/2023 Sunday
The actual lenses are in light gray ring-shaped. Wish they had noticeable color.

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Reviewer: mayu0007
★★★★★ comfortable and natural look
Post date : 14/08/2021 Saturday
bought for miyawaki sakura. Have tried all 6 colors. They are all very comfortable and natural looking. The most noticeable one is mirror grey. My personal favourite all sakura petal, tint brown and coral brown.

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