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Product name: Tomey 2 WEEKS
Packaging: 6 pcs / 1 box
Wearing period: Two week disposable
Power: ± 0.00,-0.50 ~-6.00(0.25D step),-6.50--8.00(0.50D step)

14.1mm(Smooth Brown,Clarity Brown,Sheer Brown,Chic Brown,Urban Brun,Baked Souffle,Jelly Nude)
14.5mm(Lucent Brown,Franc Mocha,Flare Brown,Beige Ombre,Lucir Ochre)

Colored diameter:
13.4mm(Smooth Brown,Clarity Brown,Sheer Brown,Chic Brown Urban Brun,Baked Souffle,Jelly Nude)
13.5mm(Lucent Brown,Franc Mocha,Flare Brown,Beige Ombre,Lucir Ochre)

Water content:38.6%
Center thickness:0.09mm(-3.00D)
Manufacturer: Tomey contact lens co., Ltd.
Sold by: Aisei Co., Ltd.
Medical equipment approval number: 22600BZX00238000
Category: Highly advanced controlled medical devices (Made in Taiwan)
How to manufacture: Cast mold
How to coloring: Sandwich construction

[Compliance Rules in Purchasing Contact Lens]

-Please confirm the observance of contact lens wear and keep your eyes healthy. 
-We will not take any responsibility in the medical care at all as a result of wearing contact lenses. 
-If you concern a eye trouble with contact lens, please stop wearing lens immediately and visit eye doctor.  
-Contact Lens is classified as a specially controlled medical device. Please make sure safe handling and proper use. 
- It is strongly recommended that you ask your eye care practitioner for eye test and a prescription, and also talk about healthy contact lens wear and care. 
-Please visit your eye care practitioner in neighborhood or where the prescription issued on a regular basis for eye examination. 
The responsibility for the wording of this articleCosmoplan Co., Ltd.
Sold byAisei Co.,Ltd.
ClassificationMade in Taiwan
Highly controlled medical devices
* We conduct the compliance system based on the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law(a qualification of Sales and leasing permit for specially controlled medical devices and of  "Manager", also passed construction equipment standards inspection of medical equipment sales)

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