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■ Packaging : 10 lenses / box
■ Replacement: Daily disposable
■ BC:8.7mm
■ DIA :14.5mm
■ Power: ±0.00、-0.50〜-5.00(0.25Dstep)、-5.50〜-8.00(0.50Dstep)
■ Central Thickness : 0.08mm(In the case of -3.00D)
■ Sold by: Aisei Co., Ltd.
■ Manufactured by Aire Inc.
■ Specially controlled medical devices (Made in Taiwan)
■ Manufacturing method o: Cast-Molding Process
■ Coloring method : Wrapped-in Method

Ever Color 1day Moist Label
■Colored portion DIA :
13.6mm(Skin Taupe、Sheer Sorbet)
13.7mm(Cheek Plume、Deep Tiered)
13.8mm(Rich Glam、Sweet Luxe、Feminine dew、Nudy veil、Sherry Fudge,Pale mist)

■Color:Skin Taupe、Sheer Sorbet、Cheek Plume、Deep Tiered
■ Water Content : 42.5%
■ Medical devices approval number: 22600BZX00273A02

■Color:Rich Glam、Sweet Luxe

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