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product name: Allegro 2 week (Allegro 2week)
1 box 4 pieces
wear period: after opening the two-week
frequency: ± 0.00,-0.50,-1.00 and-6.00(0.25step),-6.50--7.00(0.50step)
color: soprano Brown, soprano black, waltz mocha, black Waltz, fine Braun, Alte Braun, tenor Braun, round Brown, round amber
color diameter:
13.3 mm (finebrown)
13.4 mm (soprano Brown / soprano black / Alte Braun / Waltz Mocha / Waltz black)
13.5 mm (tenor Braun/round Brown and round Amber)
sales source: view frontier co., Ltd.
manufacturing vendor:M.I Japan co., Ltd.
medical equipment approval number: 22700BZX00111000
Category: highly advanced controlled medical devices (made in Korea)

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